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Jipsi Cartel was founded by Creative Director & Designer Rachel Legan, who's passion is designing unique bohemian styles that instil a sense of confidence and freedom in all women. 

The story of Jipsi Cartel wasn't dreamt up over night - Rachel's roots stem from her family heritage of ethnic dressmaking and love of vintage fabrics. An upbringing rich in creativity inspired Rachel to become her own visionary of women's fashion, expressing herself through design and dressmaking.

Rachel opened her own fashion boutique in Milton on the south coast of Australia. This quaint town became a home for her handmade garments to be shared with the world. Rachel's designs are made with high-quality, vibrant fabrics which feature unique and distinctive prints some of which she designs herself. This is where the creative wonderland of Rachel's own label was born and expanded in to what is today. Jipsi Cartel is continually evolving to represent the free spirited modern bohemian women.

Rachel - "I just wanted to design clothes that reflected my personality and made myself and other women feel confident. I've always found myself dressing for my mood, so my wardrobe is vast and eclectic. I love vintage, bohemian and retro - shuffling through endless racks at op shops is definitely a favourite pastime."

I am all about designing garments that embrace the whole woman and at Jipsi Cartel, you will be immersed in timeless and feminine bohemian inspired pieces. Classic lines and vibrant fabrics are used to capture a simple elegance, whilst expressing free-spirited fun.

It’s boho luxe meets modern gypsy with a touch of vintage charm, expressed through flowing designs with a practical edge. Unique functional features are characteristic of this ‘no-fuss’ attitude to high-quality comfortable pieces that look and feel beautiful on the body, whilst focusing on ethical production.

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