Above: Zanzi Cardigan and Heart Stitch Cardigan by Boom Shankar || Image via Boom Shankar




Without a doubt, autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year.  The trees change colour and the rich autumnal rainbow of red, orange and yellow leaves under our feet matches the sunset sky above as we walk with crisp, fresh air on our faces.

The arrival of autumn also requires an adjustment in wardrobe.  Cooler temperatures begin to make their way into our lives but warm days still make an appearance so we are faced with the challenge of finding versatile options in regards to outfit choices.  It also helps, however, to know your garments. Particularly when it comes to fabric composition, neckline design and overall silhouette, seemingly small details can make a world of difference to the level of warmth and comfort of a wardrobe piece as well as its suitability to you and your lifestyle and adaptability for layering.

At Jipsi Cartel, we are bursting at the seams with autumn new arrivals and are excited to offer a stunning selection of knits, jumpers and outerwear to refresh your wardrobe for the new season.



Above: Willow Jumper by Caju in Oatmeal, Block Sweater by LD+CO in Chartreuse and Asher Lurex Jumper in Chambray Blue





As the weather cools and we shift from dresses and flats to layers and boots, autumn dressing requires practical thinking in terms of warmth but outfit decisions in the cooler months also provide a fun opportunity for experimentation with textures, layers and colours and can offer incredible fashion choices to change things up a bit.

Whether you are drawn to classic combinations in soft and subtle colour palettes or indulge in bold expression and eclectic mixes, there are a few key elements to consider when choosing the best autumn/ winter garments for you.






Perfect for the beginning of autumn, light materials such as fine cotton, linen and temperature-regulating merino wool are the perfect weight to be worn on their own or as a base for layering under jackets and coats as winter approaches.  A slight step up from the long sleeve top, light weight knits and cotton pull overs, like the beautiful cotton/linen blend Little Lies Sacha Top below, offer a layer of coverage while being soft, lightweight and breathable in fabrication.


 Above: Emmely wears Little Lies Label Sacha Top in White paired with LD+CO Crinkle Midi Skirt in Natural  || Photography by Fiona Peters



A mid-weight jumper is great for those “in between” temperature days. Thicker cotton, wool and wool blends make comfortable staples that can be worn most days in the cooler months.  Wool options such as Cashmere and Mohair are both lightweight and soft but also warm, insulating and breathable while wool blend options available today are also exceptionally durable, luxurious, require minimal care and maintain a lower price point.



 Above: Stripe Detail Knit by LD+CO in Toffee, Penny Jumper by Little Lies in Emerald and Honeycomb Jumper by LD+CO in Denim



As we move into winter, we see the emergence of heavy wool knits and outerwear.  Wool and wool blends, such as soft, warm and hypo-allergenic lambswool, in chunky knit textures come into prominence in winter and are the perfect solution to combat cooler conditions while maintaining style.  An oversized chunky woollen knit requires little tweaking to make a gorgeous winter outfit.



 Above: Heart Stitch Cardigan by Boom Shankar in Rainbow




In addition to fabric composition and weight, the neckline and over all garment design plays an important role in warmth, adaptability and flattering your shape. In autumn and winter, the neckline of a jumper can influence how well the garment fits you as well as effect the level of insulation.



 Above: Zanzi Cardigan by Boom Shankar, Holly Roll Neck Jumper by LD+CO in Olive Green and Wally Jumper by Boom Shankar in Red Stripe



High neck tops and jumpers have maintained their position as a wardrobe staple for many years.  This season we are seeing the arrival of some beautiful roll neck jumpers in cosy knit fabrications and relaxed, boxy silhouettes.  Throughout winter, high neck jumpers are ideal, suiting a variety of body shapes, offering a modern, yet timeless look that is incredibly comfortable to wear while providing us with the added benefit of warmth.  On the outskirts of winter, form fitting, lighter weight turtle necks are an adaptable piece for autumn and spring, perfect for use as a base layer and pairing particularly well under jackets and coats as a smart, stylish option.



The classic crew neck is a simple neckline that can be flattering fit for many, complementing the face and shoulders.  Providing less coverage than high neck tops but still covering the chest area, a crew neck jumper typically adds a comfortable layer of warmth for transeasonal dressing and its simplicity allows for easy wear and versatile layering and accessorising.


Perhaps the most flattering and versatile neckline is the V-neck.  This neckline can look great on all body shapes, from petite to curvy. The beauty of this shape neckline is that the choice of V depth or plunge can be selected based on personal preference to complement your torso length, build and bust size.  The depth of the V will also play a roll in coverage for warmth. As there is little detail around the neck with a V neckline, these garments are great to accessorise with jewellery or scarves and offer a little more play room than high necks.



A boat neck is a wider neckline that hovers along the collarbone.  This shape can help accentuate the neck and shoulder area for those with narrow shoulders, therefore balancing shape for those with a fuller midsection.  With similar coverage to a crew neck, a boat neck jumper exposes the neck and covers the chest.  As this shape already decorates the neckline, minimal accessorising is required, however earrings or long necklaces that fall past the neck hem work best with boat neck garments.


 Above: Bindi Roll Neck Jumper by LD+CO in Sage, Nina Cardigan by Foxwood in Beige and Bailey Jumper by LD+CO in Charcoal Stripe


Other flattering and fun necklines to try for autumn, include the SCOOP NECK, CLASSIC COLLAR and OFF THE SHOULDER.

Falling between a round neck and a V-neck and often exposing a little more skin, a scoop neck is a deeper and wider round scoop shape that lengthens and accentuates the neck and décolletage.

Classic collared shirts are forever an autumn staple with modern designs allowing plenty of choices in shape to suit your body type, from tailored and structured to oversized and drapey. We are also loving the prominence of collared knitwear this season.

And let’s not forget the off the shoulder neckline for a little more formality and sexiness.  Currently fashion forward, yet timeless, this shape undoubtedly draws the eye to the shoulders, exposing the entire neck area while cleverly flattering the midsection.


Above: Rib Collar Cardi by LD+CO in Jean, Scarlett Off the Shoulder Dress by Little Lies in Black and Keswick Throw On by Foxwood in Chocolate




The overall shape of a garment requires careful consideration when purchasing any fashion item.  Loose and floaty vs structured and slim line completely defines the over all impression of the clothing piece as well as determines whether that garment complements your individual body shape.

In cooler months, this shape design will also determine the versatility of the garment. A current prominent shape in terms of jumpers and knits it the relaxed, boxy silhouette which perfectly lends itself to the versatility of layering underneath.  On the other hand, form fitting turtle necks and finer knits are ideal as a base for layering under cardigans, jackets and coats.


 Above: Knit Poncho by LD+CO in Oat, Camilla Vest by Foxwood in Coal and Holly Roll Neck Jumper by LD+CO in Spice

So with a little info up your sleeve, get cosy and browse the stunning and extensive range of luxurious knits, basic pullovers and statement outerwear, available at Jipsi Cartel.  You will be sure to find beautiful new arrivals to refresh your wardrobe and adjust to autumn...your way.





Above: Isla V-Neck Vest by LD+CO in Musk, Zanzi Cardigan and Heart Stitch Cardigan by Boom Shankar and Knit Poncho by LD+CO in Oat


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