I would like to introduce Rachel Legan as the Founder, Director, Designer & all-around Girl Boss of Jipsi Cartel. The Wonder Woman herself works hard, but most importantly works fair!

Rachel speaks out on ethical trading and its importance to become mandatory around the world.  


Jipsi Cartel takes great pride and dignity in ethical trading and Rachel knows just how important it is to make a conscious effort in supporting local and Fair Trade.

As a successful small business owner, Rachel's ethical vision is very inspiring!

Rachel's vision is a world where all workers are free from exploitation and discrimination. A world where  all workers can enjoy conditions of freedom, safety, security and equity within their workplace. This vision of Rachel's is a true example of the ethical trading compliance within her own workplaces.

Rachel works extremely close with each and every individual employed at Jipsi Cartel, wherein Rachel's commitment is to ensure a high-level of respect, appreciation and kindness shared amongst her small team.

If you have visited Jipsi Cartel, the flagship store in Milton NSW, you would have had the pleasure in meeting Rachel, you would know within minutes of conversation that her inspiring vision stands true as to what she believes in and what she strives for in life. Rachel's unconditional love, warmth and caring nature speaks for itself and this shines upon her success and the success of her employees.

Jipsi Cartel is proud to be following The Fair Trade movement and will continue to create a safe, healthy and happy workplace for its employees.

Rachel will continue to support businesses who support their employees - because nothing changes if nothing changes...


When it comes to producing clothing sustainably in the fashion industry, Rachel doesn't shy away from the controversial topic. Rachel's sustainable practices are taken very seriously when it comes to designing and creating her clothing collections for Jipsi Cartel.

Rachel's sustainable vision for Jipsi Cartel is based upon producing small quantities, eco-friendly production, timeless designs and creating high-quality garments in naturally-produced fabrics.

While Rachel keeps her collections small and her ethics strong, she believes small changes can make a big difference over time. Rachel has a strong dedication to staying educated on environmentally-friendly choices for her business and her lifestyle.




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