It's that beautiful time of year again when you wake up and the crisp, cool air greets you at the same time as the morning sun. For many, the arrival of autumn evokes calm feelings and a yearning for self care; to cosy up, keep warm, gather comforts and enjoy nature's exquisite changing colour palette. A romantic and nurturing time of year, it is easy to fall for autumm.

Autumn is also a time to play with your wardrobe collection. While comfort and warmth are key considerations for dressing throughout the cooler months, autumn also provides opportunities to have fun with layers, colours and accessories.

Below are a few hints on ways to look at your wardrobe with fresh eyes and fall in love with the cosiness, comfort and colour of autumn dressing.



Sometimes we tend to go for the same outfit combinations simply because we have become accustomed to what we think pairs well together. In autumn and winter, these items also tend to be darker or more natural in colour and tone. Try pairing items that you have never married up before and see if something piques your interest. Remember, colour and pattern absolutely have a place in your autumn wardrobe so don't shy away from them.


Above: Bold and beautiful Boom Shankar, the Ally Shirt paired with the Kiara Pant.



Is there a faithful fave sitting in your wardrobe that you don't reach for often enough but could never part with? Maybe you naturally pair a trusty jacket with the same tops and pants. Can you re-imagine the same jacket over a dress or with a knit, skirt and boots? You might find it feels brand new when part of a new ensemble.


Above: Foxwood Clothing's Daisy Denim Shirt in Khaki is a trusty favourite.



Fashion is fun, have a play! Are your accessories able to be used in a different way? Perhaps you could try layering a collared shirt under a jumper or belting your knit wear. Tie a scarf in a different way, wear a new shade of lipstick or nail polish. The possibilities are endless. What have you got to lose?

Above: The Sofia Jumper by Boom Shankar, accessorised and oozing playful vibes.



Because autumn and winter garments often have higher necklines and greater coverage, your jewellery choices will be influenced by your clothing. If you often wear necklaces, try switching for statement pieces on areas where your skin is showing such as earrings, rings or bracelets. If opting for a necklace, a shorter length necklace may sit nicely above a round neckline, however if a longer necklace needs to sit outside of a garment, it may be best suited to fitted silhouettes and jackets rather than chunky knits and the like. 

Above: Stunning 'Wandering Soul' sparkles by Murkani featuring Green Onyx and Pearl.



Time and time again, we reach for cosy knits as casual companions to our jeans and pants. Consider experiementing with fabric, texture and formality and elevate your day wear to evening. Create a sense of newness and uniqueness by coupling knitwear with stunning silks, for example, and finish with boots. Voilà! Everything old is new again.

Above: Luxurious Fleck Roll Neck by LD + CO in Navy, elevated to perfection.


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