When style meets comfort.  That perfect combo. If we're honest, that's what we're all after right? Whether you're out and about or spending the day at home, there is no need to sacrifice comfort for style.


Photography: Fiona Peters || Model: Kimmi

At Jipsi Cartel, we are lovers of fashion and beautiful garments.  We appreciate the importance of unique individual expression in the wardrobe and are producers and wearers of quality, luxurious, ethically made and affordable clothing.  But in addition to all of these factors is the key element of comfort.  


Pictured above is the stunning Saffron Midi Dress in Wild Ivy

Photography: Fiona Peters || Model: Kimmi


The Jipsi Cartel label stems from a family heritage of dressmaking and a love of culture and vintage fabrics.  At the heart of the label is the need to be practical, comfortable, original and stylish.

Recognising a need to forge a fashion that embraces the whole woman, Jipsi Cartel produces timeless pieces, inspired by a creative and free spirited way of living. Classic lines and vibrant, soft, high quality fabrics are used to capture a simple elegance, allowing you to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. 


Pictured above is the beautiful Baker St Shirt and Jipsi Flares in Spring Blossom.

Photography: Fiona Peters || Model: Shantal

Pictured above is the Alma Shirt and Jipsi Flares in Dark Leopard.

Photography: Fiona Peters || Model: Shantal


At Jipsi Cartel, we also stock a range carefully selected brands, sprinkled throughout our store, complementing the Jipsi Cartel label.  Quality knits, linen pants, jackets, cardigans, cosy sweaters and tops as well as an extensive range of accessories are just a few of the treasures chosen for their style, cut, quality and comfort.



Pictured above from top to bottom:  Maverick Trench Coat and Lola Knit in Latte.


Pair with heels, boots, sneakers or slides and make them your own...the beauty of these stunning yet comfortable outfits is that they can take you from your day on the go to after 5 whoa! 



Above, Kimmi wears the 100% Linen Jipsi Pants in Mocha Plaid paired with the Little Lies Trinny Shirt in Natural.

Photography: Fiona Peters || Model: Kimmi

Above, Kimmi wears the Ariana Gown in Golden Mustard.

Photography: Fiona Peters || Model: Kimmi


A 'no-fuss' attitude to high quality pieces that look and feel beautiful on the body.  Jipsi Cartel's flowing designs with a practical edge enable the modern woman to comfortably go about her day...whatever that may entail. 





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