The essence of boho chic style is that you embrace your free spirit and express your individuality.  With that in mind, the versatility of this style means that no matter the season, you can add elements to your wardrobe to embrace your inner boho babe. 

As the weather cools down, however, and we move away from our floaty dresses and sandals the boho chic style can be seemingly more difficult to achieve. So how do we keep that boho chic babe going in winter?

1. Make a statement with accessories

Accessories are a huge part of boho chic fashion.  Simple wardrobe pieces can be brought to life with the addition of statement accessories. At Jipsi Cartel we love and stock an extensive range of accessories.  Don't be afraid to go big and bold with accessories. Hats, scarves, jewellery, sunnies and belts can all shine as part of your boho wardrobe.  A little attention to detail such as a head scarf or the addition of statement socks instantly creates a boho vibe.  Lastly, never underestimate just how much a gorgeous handbag or ankle boots complete an outfit. 



2. Layer up and mix it up

Often characterised by a natural and relaxed look while maintaining an air of sophistication, boho chic lends itself to layers.  Winter jackets, vests, cardigans, jumpers, ponchos and coats are fantastic ways to freely express your boho vibe throughout the colder months.  Think eclectic mixes of natural fibres and don't be afraid to mix it up.  



3. Keep wearing long dresses and skirts

Yes you can wear your summer maxi skirts and dresses in winter! You could simply wear with tights or leggings underneath and pair with ankle boots.  Or explore heavier fabrics in skirts like luxurious velvet for winter.  Since boho style is often about loose layers of fabric, this look can be complemented by long sleeve tops, knits, jackets, cardigans or ponchos.  Get creative and re-use your summer wardrobe.



4. Colours create your vibe

Black often takes centre stage in winter but you don't have to move away from colour altogether.  A key part of Boho inspired fashion is to keep it natural.  There is something about those burnt autumn colours of mustard, rust, khaki and brown or the moody hues of navy blue and grey that create an effortless boho vibe in winter, mimicking nature's seasonal transformation. 



5. Textures

Natural fibres and luxurious textures such as knits, linen, velvet and leather are sure to enhace that boho style and keep you comfortable and cosy in winter.  Hints of crochet or embriodered detail or feathers or tassels in accessories add a unique twist to your winter wardrobe.  Think mother nature inspired and don't limit yourself to jumpers...go on try a pair of knitted kullots!


Get creative boho babe!

Leah xx

Photographer - Dean Dampney,

Muse - Kiah

Location - Village Green, Milton, NSW


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