"I say, dress to please yourself.

Listen to your inner muse and take

a chance. Wear something that says

"Here I am!" today" 


-Iris Apfel



Have you ever pondered the difference between fashion and style? Of course, at Jipsi Cartel we fall in love with and are inspired by the ever changing flow of fashion.  But if we dive a little deeper, we realise that although fashion and style intersect, fashion is a collective artistic movement that we enjoy and are influenced by, while personal style relates to the individual.  Our personal style is a means of self expression and is driven by an innate tug that compels us to make choices that belong to us, bring joy and convey hints of who we are.


Glitter sock and red heels

 Above: Sparkles for your toes || Shop Jipsi Cartel's Glitter Socks

Apart from the practical purpose of providing coverage, warmth and protection for our bodies, our selection of which garments and accessories we’d like to wear, essentially comes from a place of desire, a need to feel good. 

If we explore what’s behind this self nurturing action we would undoubtedly discover a world of psychological reasons for this need and could delve into cultural and historical influences, the stimulation of nostalgia, the fact that colours evoke particular emotions or how fabric textures feel a certain way on the skin and may elicit distinct feelings.

But whatever the reason for our conscious and unconscious feelings and thoughts, the simple truth to take away from this pondering is that if wearing what we enjoy makes us feel great, then it makes perfect sense that we should fully embrace the opportunity to adorn ourselves as we see fit, be our true selves and celebrate our individuality.


 Above: An eclectic mix of Boom Shankar Clothing and Hair Accessories available at Jipsi Cartel


Have you ever been considering an item to purchase and uttered the words "That's so me" or  "That's just not me"? There it is. The internal dialog that stems from a place of knowing exactly what you need. 

So, the next time you make a selection from your wardrobe or hit the shops for something new, apply a little mindfulness and listen to your inner muse.  Chances are you will gravitate towards items that suit your personality, evoke happiness and feel like you.


Jewellery and Accessories Jipsi Cartel

 Above: A selection of fine jewellery and accessories available at Jipsi Cartel



So often, clothing and accessories hold meaning that is significant to you.  Maybe the crocheted cardigan or pearl necklace that you can't take your eyes off in store is reminiscent of your culture, tradition and family ties. Or an item may conjure up feelings of wonderlust for places you've been or would like to travel to.

It may be that particular patterns or designs stimulate a sentimental yearning for years gone by and remind you of happy memories from your childhood or other moments in life that brought you joy. Go with it. Enjoy it. Fill that place in your heart.

Olive Dress Little Lies and Mingalaba Basket Jipsi Cartel
Above: Pattern love with the Olive Gingham Dress by Little Lies in Chocolate and colourful Mingalaba Baskets available in store at Jipsi Cartel


Wearing clothing is a sensuous experience. We will naturally and very quickly recognise discomfort or the immediate appeal of soft fabric on our skin. Whether it be the warmth of knitwear, the smoothness of silk or the weight of denim, we experience instant and lingering sensations in response to fabric that make us feel a certain way and influence our decision to wear them.

Take note of these stimuli. When you dress in a specific fabric, do you feel secure, comforted, alluring? These interpretations of sensation may be commonly shared or unique to the individual, again directing your choice of what is right for you.


Fabrics Jipsi Cartel

Above: Luxurious fabrics available at Jipsi Cartel || Little Lies Lea Top and Lea Pants in Cocoa, Emily Knit in Natural and Essential Linen Shirt in Rust



Do you find yourself reaching for the same colours time and time again? Laughing at yourself because you really don't need "another white top".  It may simply be that you know the colour is right for your complexion or you love the way it complements your eyes, but did you know that colours evoke different emotions?

Warm or strong colours, for example, like red, orange and yellow often evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, energy, power and strength while cool colours such as blues, greens and pastels are usually calming, soothing and refreshing.  Neutrals and browns can also have a relaxing, warm and friendly effect, often creating a sense of stability.

Of course, it is important to note that the psychological effects of colours are also unique to the individual.  What might make one person feel a certain way may have a completely different effect on another, depending on the individual's past experiences or cultural background. The way a colour makes you feel belongs to you. 


Above: Calming Blues and Greens with the Charlie Knit in Cornflower Blue by Little Lies, Saffron Midi Dress in Monsoon by Jipsi Cartel and Alice Knit in Sage by Little Lies

Neutrals and Browns Jipsi Cartel

Above: A selection of down to earth and dependable neutrals and browns available at Jipsi Cartel

It is also worth noting that what makes you authentically you and how you feel will ebb and flow. Your needs may look different and evolve from day to day, season to season.  That's ok, that's life. We grow and change, as do the ways in which we find happiness.

Whether you reach for bold or subtle ensembles, fabric textures that make you feel secure or alluring or colours that evoke playfulness or spark creativity, remember to embrace this mindset. It is an artistic expression of your personality that communicates and celebrates who you are and all you aspire to be.

So, what is your now? How do you feel? Live it, breathe it, sit with it, dance with it, nurture it, express it, wear it. YOU BE YOU, whatever that may be today.








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